Yvonne Perry Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services


Yvonne Perry Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Perry I’m the owner of riders in the sky creative writing services a team of freelance writers book editors and proofreaders based in Nashville Tennessee we are available to ghostwrite and it or proofread a wide variety of writing and editing projects such as books articles brochures biographies resumes media releases web text newsletters grants business documents and more the academic instructors on our team can help any writer take his or her writing skills to the next level if you’re an author we can help you make the best impression and get excellent exposure for your book through our virtual book tours social marketing campaigns blogging radio podcast interviews book reviews media releases article marketing we create media kits one pagers and cell sheets we also assist authors with writing their query letters and book proposals to submit to traditional publishers we also help with formatting books for self publishing premier customer service prompts turnaround affordable prices we offer a quick and easy method for outsourcing all your writing and editing needs regardless of the size of your project you’ll find us online at riders in the sky calm my business should be selected for a spot like hot seat because I am ready to take riders in the sky to the next level I want my company to serve more clients and I want to find even greater joy as an entrepreneur after my c-section with amethyst I realized I need more information some constructive feedback and insight to allow my business to run itself while I focus on some other spiritual endeavors such as writing my own book and interviewing guest on my podcast we are one in spirit my most burning business question is how do i streamline the process managing my time marketing my business meeting client needs and still have time to spend with my beautiful family can you help me take the CEO position of my company and teach me how to have writers in this guy generate the income I need while I serve my divine mission

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