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Grammar Guidelines: Homonyms, Homophones discover here, and Homographs

At the time of January 1, 2014, the worldwide Language Monitor estimated that we now have 1,025,109 terms into the English language, with almost 15 terms included each day. With this type of number that is large of, its understandable that there is numerous words which are comparable in the way they are spelled and exactly how they seem. Today, we intend to speak about some of these words. First, we shall break these words that are similar into three groups: homonyms, homphones, and homographs.

  • Homonyms: words which can be pronounced and spelled the same but which have multiple definitions.
  • Homophones: terms that sound alike but which are spelled differently and also meanings that are different.
  • Homographs: terms which have the exact same spelling, but various pronunciations, and differing meanings.

Now, let’s break it straight down.


Our meaning above informs us that homonyms are terms which can be pronounced and spelled similar, but which have numerous definitions. Homonyms are referred to as sound-alike terms (simply because they seem exactly the same whenever we talk them). Let us have a look at an illustration:

  • The driver switched remaining and left the parking great deal.

Both uses of left are spelled and pronounced the same, but they are used differently in the sentence in this case. The very first instance of remaining (“the driver turned left”) indicates a way, even though the 2nd example of left (“and kept the parking lot”) suggests a departure through the parking area. Click the link for a summary of real homonyms.


The same, but that are spelled differently and have different meanings as our definition above tells us, homophones are words that sound. Homophones frequently seem exactly the same, like homonyms, but keep in mind, their spelling is significantly diffent. Let us have a look at a typical instance involving to, two, and too:

  • I desired to just take two chocolates house so my sibling could get one too.

In this situation, we’ve three various terms with three various definitions and spellings, however they are pronounced the way that is same. So that you can understand which term to utilize for which destination into the phrase, we need to know which meaning to set with all the spelling that is proper. For instance:

  • To: A preposition before a noun, or an infinitive before a verb
  • Two: spelling out of the # 2
  • Too: Also

Therefore, when you look at the sentence that is above just just take is a verb, and we also used to as an infinitive before it. We now have 2 chocolates, and in case we exchange the term two aided by the no. 2, our phrase would nevertheless sound right. Since our sentence is showing that individuals require a chocolate for ourself and now we would also like one for the cousin, we must utilize too at the conclusion of our phrase to illustrate that. View here for a listing of homophones.


Finally, as our meaning above explains, homographs are terms being spelled the exact same, but which have different pronunciations and various definitions. These terms are particularly confusing because although they are spelled the exact same, they have been pronounced differently, and may be properly used differently. This really is a lot more of a nagging problem with talked English than with written English, due to the fact spellings are exactly the same as soon as we write them down. Let us take a good look at an illustration:

  • After she was used by her bow to shoot the arrow through the apple, Cindy took a bow.

The first use of the word bow is referring to the object that Cindy is using to shoot the arrow in the above example. The use that is second however, doesn’t suggest that Cindy took another real bow to possess two bows for shooting arrows. Alternatively, Cindy is bowing ahead of the market because she’s finished her task. Although the two terms are spelled exactly the same when you look at the phrase, they might be pronounced differently, as well as in pronouncing them differently, we could effortlessly illustrate and indicate their meanings that are different. Just click here for a listing of homographs.

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