The Bunny (w/Matt Hardy, The Butcher & The Blade) vs. Tay Conti (w/Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, 10 & -1 “Brodie Lee Jr.”)

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The Bunny (w/Matt Hardy, The Butcher & The Blade) vs. Tay Conti (w/Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, 10 & -1 “Brodie Lee Jr.”)

Conti and Bunny strikes strikes backwards and forwards, Bunny drives Conti to the part. Conti catches a kick and strikes a neck capture suplex. Big pump kicks from Conti. Bunny falls Conti regarding the apron. Bunny by having a suplex on the exterior. Bunny having a shotgun dropkick to the barricade.

Image in image. Bunny dominates with hits, knees towards the gut, and a leg lift, 2 count. Conti having a cradle that is inside the two count. Bunny having a 2 count of her very own. Bunny having a cobra clutch on the floor, Bunny with stomps on Conti, punishing the hands and chest muscles. Hair when you look at the straightjacket distribution. Conti attempts to fight down but Bunny strikes the leg to your gut. Bunny skips round the band. Conti hits judo throws and a rotating straight right right back breaker. Conti misses a operating leg, Bunny by having a kick to your gut for the 2 count. Shida with utilizing the Dark Order at ringside.

Conti with forearm strikes, Hardy distracts Conti regarding the apron, Bunny gets distracted too, Conti strikes the TayKO Bunny kicks out at 2. Bunny with a gillotine on the top rope, then takes an inexpensive shot on Shida. Bunny strikes Conti aided by the Kendo Stick, Shida removes the Kendo Stick, Conti strikes a Superplex, then your hammerlock DDTay for the triumph.

Tay Conti wins.

Conti celebrates with -1 as well as the Dark Order.

Week Commentary runs down the card for next. Movie package for Red Velvet vs Jade Carghill.

Omega together with Good Brothers are out first. The bucks that are young out next. Bucks and argues that are omega the ring as Moxley’s music performs. Moxley arises from the parking area.

Trios Match: Jon Moxley & AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & The Brothers that is good Callis)

Matt and Anderson begin the match. Callis taunts Matt through the exterior. Omega tags in, gets into the face of Matt. Secure, Nick tags in. Omega controls the supply, part headlock, neck tackle. Nick with a huricanrana. Anderson tags in, Nick with a supply drag, dropkick to Omega, dollars with double dropkick and Moxley delivers him out from the band, a trio of dives towards the exterior.

Image in image. The dollars work over Andersons arm. Moxley tags in, kicks to your upper body, Matt tags in, Gallows tags in with clubbing blows. Omega tags in working on the arm. Anderson tags in, hair in a sleeper. Matt fights out but Anderson strikes chops into the chest, Matt knocks Gallows from the apron, tags in Moxley, Moxley operates crazy, clotheslines to Anderson, Moxley nosells Anderson strikes, German suplex, to Anderson, German suplex to Omega and Gallows, Anderson guillotines Moxley within the rope.

Gallows works over Moxley. Headbutt to your straight straight back. Clubbing body shots to Moxley. Moxley having a neckbreaker that is swinging. Nick tags in, knocks Omega associated with apron, increasing start working the part, misses a splash, stomp from the top, backstabber to Anderson. Kick to Gallows, Anderson by having a spinebuster. Matt tags in, Omega begs down, Matt by having a hip toss, right back human body fall, fakes a superkick and strikes a DDT. Matt cant bring himself to superkick Omega. Omega slaps Matt throughout the real face, Matt finally begins to fight Omega.

Gallows by having a kick, Nick having a missile dropkick, superkick to Anderson, Omega having a snap dragon suplex. Omega with another dragon suplex. Moxley having a lariat, Matt having a piledriver, 2 count. More bargain when it comes to 2 count. Anderson provided for the surface, Nick strikes escalara on the exterior. The Bucks cant hit the BTE Trigger. Moxley tells them to battle. Moxley tags himself in, hits the paradigm shit on Omega, another paradigm change, then the back naked choke, Bucks strikes superkick on Moxley.

Kingston is released to assist Moxley, Good Brothers beat him down, strike the secret killer on elite singles the ramp. Magic Killer to Moxley, Omega covers Moxley for the success.

Kenny Omega & The Great Brothers win.

The Young Bucks reluctantly celebrate with Omega as well as the Good Brother. Good Brother hold up Moxley for the Bucks, dollars hit the superkick. Dynamite concludes whilst the Young Bucks join Omega and also the audience chants “You Sold Out”

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