Passion Puzzle – a remarkable liberated to play dating sim game where you can take a plunge into summer time love adventure.

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Passion Puzzle – a remarkable liberated to play dating sim game where you can take a plunge into summer time love adventure.

Passion Puzzle – an amazing liberated to play dating game that is sim you can easily have a plunge into summer time love adventure.

The story begins whenever you arrive in a coastal town as being a tourist to relax and also make newer and more effective buddies. On the way you meet numerous girls that are lovely appear to be really enthusiastic about you. Who can you select by the end? Sweet and type Mary, strict Ivy, tameless Ioly, kinky Mika, advanced Shantal or kinda naive but nonetheless gorgeous Emilia? Attempt to win one’s heart of 1 or every one of them – degree your sex, spontaneity or intellect by finishing match that is easy tasks.

Date & flirt, get hot selfies and proceed with the intriguing storyline of Passion Puzzle!

You can expect to similar to this game if you: – like dating sim games & dating games for boys; – have an interest in dating pretty girls and building relationships; – are partial to re solving match 3 puzzles; – like anime, anime games & Japanese culture; – believe you can find interesting matching games for adults and would like to play one of these.

Reach out to each one of the girls – select the right response in the discussion and get additional bonuses playing 3 in a line games. Get lost in exciting love games with components of dating simulator!

What’s New

+ brand New animations for every single woman. + Other repairs and improvements.

Ranks and Reviews

Premium currency

This game is a really great little find as far as free dating apps get. My primary problem nonetheless is that the currency that is premium as well as used in game appears a little high. You may have to complete some tweaking but to date We have invested 1.99 regarding the game for example of this beginner promos which if i recall properly had been a deal that is good. Nevertheless taking a look at purchasing more currency to advance the video game or perhaps fill within the task club is crazy. Very first thing is the fact that amount that is lowest of premium currency you can purchase is 5 bucks which will be I think only a little high. Second just to fill the action bar up which I’ve discovered leads to about 5-10 mins of play time expenses 20 associated with premium money. That’s 50 % of that 5 buck deal! I’m able to see having game that is immediate costing a pretty cent nevertheless when the essential tool to play the overall game price that much I will simply wait the full time for this to refill. Perhaps you all don’t make enough cash away from it being a lower life expectancy quantity however in my estimation I would personally buy more if i really could at the least play for 30-40 minutes away from that 5 bucks we invested. Possibly I recently don’t see one thing for you alls end but the majority games in the store don’t appear to price a great deal when simply refilling that an element of the game. Once again go ahead and gouge us on premium perks and bonus characters I would like to play the game more without such a winner to my wallet.

Great game, small improvements

This is actually the only game I’ve found that’s even remotely near to a dating simulator that is genuine. The sole things wef only I possibly could change are well being repairs plus one issue that is moderate. First of all, the English is really a bit broken, and sometimes I’m not even sure what girls are speaking about. But being a free software, this is certainlyn’t surprising. This may be the very first software I’ve used in combination with both standard and premium money where in fact the premium is simpler to obtain as compared to standard. And yet somehow the conventional money is more useful (at the least into the very early game). It simply is like leveling up takes way too much time, because you require the standard money for it. The one big problem that stands apart more as compared to other people may be the girls don’t have any personality that is real. Responding to their questions may be a proper hit or skip, where often it is apparent and quite often it is therefore enigmatic, you could aswell get one of these blindfolded peashooter. Still, all these reasonably small negatives in conjunction with all of the positives helps it be a actually good experience. I like so it doesn’t feel wasted) that you can watch an ad to recover energy after a failed date (. But none for the ads are forced, so that it never seems overbearing.

Developer Reaction,

Huge many many thanks for your review! It will be very nice us the screenshots utilizing the incorrect or simply just embarrassing interpretation on pp admarket. App in the event that you deliver. It is interesting that virtually all android users state “not enough rubies” and you also state during the exact same time that it is much easier to get (and you also’re right to be real). We think of stability into the game and maybe you will see the total leads to nearest updates! Or perhaps you will not whenever we’ll face with problems, that knows. About woman’s characters: many thanks for the notice, we will try to make sure they are more complete and unique in a cense. In general, many thanks once more for such good review and playing our game. Have day that is nice!


Therefore to begin with this really is a game that is beautiful. Graphics and game physics are good. The storyline line/plot can there be. Absolutely Nothing fancy or too in-depth. It’s simply works as being time killer. The issue arises for me personally following the couple that is first of. You shall end up maybe not to be able to see any longer photos since you “inbox” is full. But also for the price that is low of you will get more space in order to carry on playing the overall game. Leading us to ask, have you thought to simply charge 4.99 for the game in the first place. As there is absolutely no other work around for this issue, unlike other games where you could grind quest or watch ad after advertising to here unlock progress is where the video game passed away for me. Not only this but the video game itself additionally became a tad more challenging. The rating needed seriously to pass the “dates” sky rocketed in addition to likelihood of particular orbs dropping additionally diminished. Thus I discovered myself performing a complete great deal of Mickey Mouse three, four, to five orb connections since the orbs simply are not there. As the game is almost free from adverts, which was a bonus. Other games that are free put advertisements in most three seconds and also this game doesn’t do that. It’s not forced while you have the option to watch ads. Overall once more, should you want to completely enjoy particularly this game be ready to drop the 4.99 through the jump. Hope this aided. Be well

Developer Reaction,

Many Thanks a complete lot for sharing your viewpoint! We wish our game to be around for everybody to see. The overall game is able to play, but playing for free provides some more some time persistence indeed. You will need to utilize most of the opportunities to advance you will find in the overall game: talk more into the girls to make coins and boost your abilities. Best of luck!

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