[Music] what’s up guys it’s Josh and we’re back again today with the most requested video on my channel so far I’ve gotten a lot of comments Indians but today is the day that I actually read out my comment at that day that got me accepted into Yale before we start I want to mention that this is the seventh day in my daily video challenge which means that I put out a video every single day this week which is awesome and I hope there’s many more to come feel free to check out some of the other videos I put out actually a lot of them are actually on college essay writing so that those might be helpful to you and don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button if you want to see more from me in the future I want you guys to keep in mind that this essay was written a year ago so it isn’t exactly as good as I remember but I guess that’s okay and also remember that the common app essay isn’t the only factor in your application a lot of things come together to ultimately determine if you get internet so here’s a little intro to the essay for you guys it’s actually about one of my biggest failures and also about one of the closest friendships I’ve ever had so out of respect with a friend that I do mention in the essay for today’s purpose his name is going to be Theodore and he will be from Kazakhstan woo I have very nice so here we go it’s a hot Texas Sun beat down upon my neck a fast ball whizzed past my bat and into the catcher’s mitt after you had another strikeout I trudged back to the dugout thoughts of failure filled my mind of my confidence slowly waiting I wasn’t accustomed to anything less than success before high school I prospered in youth athletics while living in South Dakota I had a phenomenal baseball coach to transform my robbed potential into success on the baseball diamond unfortunately my father’s Air Force career demanded that we move before my baseball season without me my team went on to win the city state championships advancing all the way to the Little League World when I was younger my family moved to not affect my athletic performance the difficulties began I was torn from my tight-knit community in Northern Virginia and forced to adjust to life in West Texas prior to the start of my freshman year I struggled to regain the close friends and relationships I left behind for the first time in my life I felt completely alone and high school baseball was my opportunity to establish myself among my new peers confident from my previous experiences I arrived at my new high school’s baseball tryouts looking forward to success unbeknownst to me I was hopeful too I’m prepared compared to the skills of the 60 dedicated Texas athletes enjoy his trials progressed by abri Henschel group responds to my lackluster performance eventually I was covered my chances of playing baseball again more importantly being able to make a friend my distant new home then I’m at butyl a couple of weeks after trials about studied by myself during lunch to avoid the judgmental eyes my new classmate ID lands across the cafeteria see another lone student also varies its course work with an unfamiliar birth of social confidence I introduced myself to Theodore was a Kazakhstan II refugee I empathize with his struggle as a new student soon realizing how similar we were Theodore struggled for stability and opportunity in his new home while I sought structure and friendship in the wake of my own migrant lifestyle I learned that Theodore was asked to play for the varsity soccer team as a freshman something rarely even asked of sophomores his father had refused him the opportunity the leaving has done had more important commitments to his family in schoolwork despite Theodore’s diligent work ethic he was denied the Liberty to experience his passion while I couldn’t even work hard enough to realize mine this friendship inspired me to work harder and recognize opportunity while I helped him dream bigger as he integrated into American society I refocused my efforts on my athletic training tirelessly improving my pitching mechanics similarly began to set new goals in the classroom as well achieving more than I ever thought possible my dedication and resilience resulted in my selection the baseball team’s primary pitcher the next year while my guidance at Theodore eventually led his father to reconsider it son soccer participation Theodore dominated varsity soccer team the next year as a striker Theodore helped me focus my goals while I helped him expand his horizons to the realm of his own although coming from different sides of the globe we had much in common we were both persistent students with our own unique obstacles and together we overcame even though I’ve moved away from Theodore in West Texas I still talk to him often I’m no longer content with mere success but always setting new goals to build upon my past achieve success truly is more fulfilling in temper the diverse I hope you guys enjoyed the essay it’s really cool to look back upon my past self and see how it was writing and what I was thinking just a quick disclaimer this essay is published on a couple places on the internet and a common app also has a copy of it so if you were thinking about plagiarizing it I would do that you guys probably aren’t the type of people to do that but I just wanted to say that as a precaution thanks for making it through the video and allowing me to share my day with you guys I really enjoyed this video took a lot of time to make so even if you remotely enjoyed it head down below and hit that like button while you’re down there might as well subscribe to I mean you’re already down there right doing that will allow me to keep putting out more great content for you guys in the future keep doing this everyday thing I really like it comment down below what you thought and what I should do next I love reading through the comments and seeing all you guys as always I’ll be back tomorrow do you see you

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