Coping with Teen Dating Abuse: Crossing the Line

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Coping with Teen Dating Abuse: Crossing the Line

This product is roofed into the after series/curriculum: Dating Relationships and Harassment Tool Kit

Crossing the Line is just a tool that is vital fighting teenager dating physical violence and punishment. In a survey that is nationwide the Centers for infection Control, 10% of senior school pupils reported being actually mistreated with a boyfriend or gf. a highly effective program to combat teen dating abuse is a vital section of any twelfth grade health insurance and guidance curriculum.

This is basically the tale of Megan – a happy, athletic, “A” pupil who desires desperately to stay a relationship and also a boyfriend. She links with Matt, whom appears in the beginning to be her true love. As their relationship evolves, Matt monopolizes increasingly more of Megan’s time. He isolates her from her buddies and activities, abuses her verbally and in the end becomes actually violent.

This system tells Megan’s tale in dramatic vignettes which are grounded when you look at the research that is latest on teenager dating punishment. Your students will relate to Megan, Matt and their peers as the causes are brought by them and consequences of teen relationship abuse your.


Video, plus resource that is teacher’s, pupil handouts and pre/post tests in electronic structure


Definitely Recommended The DVD’s considered for this review, all youth associated programs that limelight and confront problems that teens tackle for a day-to-day basis, includes

  • Confronting Harassment that is sexual in: Just Exactly What Every Pupil Has To Know
  • Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Coping with Teen Dating Abuse: Crossing the Line
  • If your wanting to Hook Up: Relationship Liberties and Obligations
  • Just how to Say No and Really Mean It

Each movie educates pupils on how best to avoid unhealthy interactions with other people by comprehending the dilemmas in front of you, along with getting the energy and abilities to create boundaries and “just say no.” Video reenactments of teens dealing with various painful and sensitive situations enhance the eye-opening explanations of subjects concerning sex stereotypes, news security, teenager violence, intimate harassment, and pressure that is peer.

Consideration and reflection that is careful offered in exposing the tales of victims who’ve battled psychological anguish and misfortune from schoolmates. Narratives regarding teenagers who’ve struggled to have through these life that is various activities are extremely moving. Each movie wisely confronts teenage issues and gives advice that is real hope on the best way to replace the outcomes and build peer interactions which are healthier and respectful. Excellent acting/role help that is playing make each movie credible and people will relate with the teenagers being portrayed since they are extremely identifiable and may engage in their particular family members. These DVDs have a Teacher’s site materials which make learning goals clear and assist to market class room discussions. Pupil tasks are contained in the materials making each DVD thought-provoking and comprehensive while enabling pupils the chance to think about their very own peer relationships. These games are strongly suggested and really should be purchased for programs and schools enthusiastic about marketing the same and simply environment for pupils at each degree.

—Hope Marie Cook, Curriculum Center Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University Academic Media safe russian dating sites Ratings Online (EMRO)

This system dramatizes one vignette featuring a set of dating teens whose relationship is now abusive. The storyline is told with acted scenes and first-person reports from the teen boy, Matt, their gf, Megan, and Megan’s closest friend, Ana. Matt acknowledges that their last relationship finished because their gf thought he had been too controlling, but he does not notice that he is saying the pattern by wanting to get a handle on Megan and monopolize her time. Matt’s needs threaten Megan’s r friendships along with her capability to participate in team activities. She seems to observe that Matt’s demands are using her away from tasks because she cares deeply for him that she enjoys, but she accommodates his wishes. Ana does not believe that Matt is dealing with Megan well, and misses enough time that she and Megan utilized to invest together. Spoken punishment normally a feature in Matt’s control of Megan. This is certainly an open-ended situation, with no certain conclusion. This system would stimulate conversations among teens, specially when the supplemental materials are utilized. Nonetheless, The Ten indications of Relationship Abuse (Human Relations Media, 2007) covers more abuse that is dating and contains 11 extra moments of content.

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